Security - Commea Group is committed to providing a complete customized security solution, for the customer’s specific needs and requirements even for the most challenging scenarios that call for comprehensive security applications. CG will analyze the customer’s specific needs with a comprehensive site survey and only then determine the appropriate solution. We provide systems integration, security products, program management, consultancy and other technical and engineering services that support all security needs. This includes building security, metro scale security and solutions for other customized defense/security requirements

Fiber Optics - Commea Group's Fiber Optics division offers a broad range of end-to-end fiber optic products and solutions for optical networks that can be relied on to meet the highest quality standards, backed up by flexible, dependable services with fast response times worldwide. The range of fiber optics products include Fiber interconnect products, including a complete range of fiber optic cables, patch cords, pig tails etc., Passive Devises, Active Equipmesnts and Fiber Management Systems.

Technology & Communication - Commea Group’s Technology Division provides state of the art technology and solutions for any organizations and requirements, including enterprise applications, integrated solutions, embedded systems, hardware, etc. Our technology solutions include products like Geographical Information System, Avionics Solutions and Process Control Systems. COMMEA Group, with their internal team and global technology partners provide consultancy, products and services related to technology requirements.

Commea Group’s Communications Division partner with the leading institutions in the world, providing state of the art technology related to fiber optics, laser technology, wireless communication, fixed and mobile telecommunication technologies, networking and RFID technologies. We are providing consultancy, design, supply and deployment of the best technology available through our dedicated team of experts and leading institutions worldwide.

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