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Lasercom - Aside from the astronomical imaging background, AOptix has pioneered innovative uses for proven Adaptive Optics technology to set new standards in a variety of industries from commercial and defense communications, to advanced iris-recognition biometrics. The basic principle of Adaptive Optics is the real-time correction of distortions from atmospheric disturbances or object motion. A deformable, or adaptive, mirror in the optical path changes shape at very high speeds to compensate for any optical aberrations. Integrating targeting, tracking, data transmission and imaging capabilities with unique, advanced Curvature Adaptive Optics, AOptix creates communications solutions that adjust for atmospheric distortions such as heat layer boundaries, turbulence and transceiver motion.

Geographical Information System - NeST GIS is a strategic business unit of the NeST Group with core competencies in Georgraphical Data Development, Application Development and Consultancy offering. They also provide GIS services for Utilities, Cadastral Management, Urban Planning, Environment Management and Natural Resources Management. NeST GIS has a strong focus in offering services on ESRI technologies, and is an ESRI-Authorized Business Partner. Besides providing data conversion and application development services, we have specialized in technology migration and GIS consultancy services.

Iris Biometrics - The revolutionary AOptix InSight™ 2 meter cooperative iris recognition system has arrived. For the first time, iris recognition at an unprecedented stand-off distance, with effortless subject ergonomics, high throughput, and pristine imaging—all made possible by the advanced technology of adaptive optics. The new AOptix InSight system fully automates the entire process of finding the subject’s eye. At a distance of 2 meters and with an extraordinary capture volume of almost 1 cubic meter, the system automatically captures iris biometric images that are always centered and properly focused.

Software - NeST software division is the world’s 19th SEI CMM Level 5 Certified Company. With a resource strength of more than 1400 software professionals, having expertise in Embedded Firmware, Middleware and Application Software. NeST Group is well equipped to undertake challenging engineering tasks. Over the years, the group has trained and formed expert teams in Healthcare, Industrial Automation, Consumer Electronics, VLSI as well as automotive areas. With CMMI Level 5 credentials and string program management skills, NeST delivers world class software at the best delivery time. Software professionals, operate from world class development centers in India and Japan.

Aerospace - NeST Aerospace provides the wide range of FOQA tools to analyze/monitor flight data which can be used for maintaining flight safety standards, performance monitoring and for accident investigation purposes. This includes solutions like FliSAFE-Readout , FliSAFE-FOQA/FDM, MOQA, 3DFliSAFE, eFliSAFE, Fli-GIS , Fli-MIS, FliSAFE-CVR Playback, Flight Data Services. NeST Aerospace consists of a dedicated team for setting up various FOQA service related activities, these includes, Outsourced FOQA/FDM, Flight Recorder Readout, FDR/CVR Lab Solutions, FDR Calibration.

Telecom Benchmarking & Optimization - SwissQual is an independent Swiss company specializing in the quality of service measurement and monitoring of fixed and mobile telecommunication networks. SwissQual offers a wide range of solutions to suit most needs including laboratory testing, radio network optimization and benchmarking. It is also well known for its pioneering work in voice and video perceptual quality measures.Founded in 2000, SwissQual today serves more than 160 customers in over 70 countries.

Industrial Endoscope - German Manufacturer of Visual Imaging Bore scopes, for more than 65 years, providing top of the notch technology worldwide. KARL STORZ invented the laser measurement technology for precise and accurate time sparing measurement. A wide range of Bore scopes is provided (Video scopes, Bore scopes, Flexo scopes) to suit your exact needs, and specially designed to obtain swift, cost efficient and objective information about the internal state of an object, avoiding time-consuming dismantling or even destruction.

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